CLOC West Africa – “Network for Water and Life” (NEWAL) is a network of education and research partners in West Africa (Ghana, Ivory Coast Liberia, etc.) and ten partners of higher education in Switzerland. The overarching goal of NEWAL is to promote and strengthen understanding, networking and scientific exchange between Swiss and West African institutions and the interface of water and life. NEWAL provides new opportunities for cooperation and collaboration for Swiss and West Africa research and higher education institutions through data collection and sharing, exchange events, and the facilitation and validation of e-tools in real-world settings.

Transdisciplinary Research and Education

Water-related ecosystems are essential to life and have provided natural sites for human settlements, bringing benefits such as transportation, natural purification, irrigation, flood protection, and habitats for biodiversity. Transitioning towards more sustainable and resilient societies requires an integrated approach that recognizes that current challenges and their solutions are interrelated. For instance, access to freshwater in sufficient quantity and quality (SDG 6) is a prerequisite to achieving several of the SDGs, particularly those that pertain to health (SDG 3), food security (SDG 2), energy (SDG 7), and poverty reduction (SDG 1). Overuse is contributing to the rapid depletion of water resources, leading to insecurity and potential conflict (SDG 16). Climate change (SDG 13) is affecting water resources in many already water-stressed areas. The critical importance of water for life therefore requires a transdisciplinary research approach that connects all these SDGs and develops a common understanding of how current and future challenges can be met.

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