What we do

Practical Schools in West Africa

Winter/summer school for university students from West Africa and Switzerland to develop transdisciplinary research projects with impact are conducted. Practical solutions on the topic of water with a focus on the challenges of local communities and businesses are the overarching goal. The implementation takes place at KNUST in Ghana in 2022 and 2024.

Virtual Webinars and Workshops

A series of knowledge-sharing webinars and workshops targeted at students and faculty from West Africa and Switzerland are held. Focus id on WASH, climate change, digital innovation, startups, water and peace, renewable energy, agriculture and mining.

Responsible Business Conduct Short Course

Building on the experiences of Swisspeace, CSRS and EPFL, responsible entrepreneurship courses are implemented in Côte D'Ivoire and Ghana. These courses are aimed at students, practitioners and teachers (implementation in 2023).

Project funding

Promising projects and research ideas from the Practical Schools in West Africa, the Virtual Webinars and Workshops and the Responsible Business Conduct Short Course will be awarded with small grants.

Short term research exchanges

We support students and lecturers from our partner institutions in West Africa and Switzerland for short term research stays.