Schools for Water & Life

The aim of the Newal Seasonal Schools is to bring together students from different disciplines. Students from all nations work on problems that need to be solved. However, the problems are not given as such, but are worked out by the students themselves. In this way, very specific problems in different countries can be tackled.  

Another aim of the Seasonal Schools is to promote and consolidate co-operation between the West African countries and Switzerland. The schools promote this cooperation through real-life meetings in the respective groups and convey a strong sense of togetherness. 

So far, 2 Seasonal Schools have been organised in West Africa and one Study Tour in Switzerland.  The two Seasonal Schools in 2020 and 2022 took place in Kumasi, Ghana. The focus was particularly on the problem of water in West Africa. The Study Tour 2023 was a unique opportunity for 22 students from West Africa to visit Switzerland. The focus of this study tour was mainly on environmental problem solving and how to solve certain problems around water and waste in Switzerland.  


Winter School 2020: KNUST, Kumasi (photo credit Rockson Acolatse)