Development of a Swiss-West African e-learning platform

The design-thinking approach will be used to evaluate educational concepts. This activity aims at addressing the challenge of identifying e-learning approaches for West African users through a co-design workshop and the piloting of the proposed e-learning solutions.

Step 1: Co-design workshop

This workshop is a creative process where participants jointly define a problem, ideate possible solutions, and prototype the best ideas. Design-thinking is a process that promotes teamwork towards a common goal, thinking differently and coming up with creative and innovative solutions. In the given case, the participants are potential future users of e-learning tools, i.e. researchers, lecturers, and students from Swiss and West African institutions. The goal will be to outline e-learning tools that address the needs of the West African partner institutions and can be used in the given technological environment (e.g. constraints in internet access).

Step 2: Pilot of e-learning solutions

As it will not be possible to develop completely new soft- and hardware solutions within the limited time frame and resources of the project, the piloting of e-learning solutions will build on existing software (e.g. freeware Moodle) and hardware (e.g. Moodle-Box) solutions that can incorporate the design and functionalities developed in the design-thinking workshop. The concepts will be tested in a workshop, while the pilot phase will be used to assess the actual usage and functionality of e-learning solutions and, if successful, will set the basis for the formalization of e-learning collaboration within the West Africa CLOC.

Version 2020

The organization of Step 1, the Co-Design Workshop is in full progress. The first Co-Design Workshop will be held in November 2020 and the piloting of e-learning solutions will take place in 2021.