Phase 2: 2021-2023

Winter School 2022

Virtual Learning 2022

Phase 1: 2020

Winter School and Research

A “winter school” in Ghana followed by a one day online workshop was implemented. The goal of the winter school was to bring together 24 university students from various disciplines and countries to focus on the overarching topic of “Water and Life” while working in a transcultural and translingual setting. Working in groups of 6 people representing different SDGs, the young and promising students learned about key water-related challenges in West Africa, they met with local stakeholders, and they identified and developed research projects for their BSc or MSc theses. The “winter school” in Ghana included inputs from international experts, group work on case studies, meetings with stakeholders, and field visits. After having completed their research, the students met again in an online workshop to present and discuss the results of their work.

Read more about the concept of the Winter School or the implemented Winter School & Online Research Workshop.

Winter School in Ghana 2020

E-Learning Platform

The aim of this activity was to develop a Swiss-West African e-learning platform. A design-thinking approach was used to evaluate educational concepts. Through a co-design workshop, the challenges of online learning were discussed and e-learning approaches were identified that could be suitable and of interest to West African users in Ghana, Ivory Coast and Liberia.

Read more about the implemented E-Learning Platform.

Online Day 2020