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# Applied Engineering

Today’s highlight was for all of us to apply our engineering knowledge in a practical way. It started with a fun task in the morning: Which group will manage to build the highest self-standing paper tower – the definition of “self-standing” was cause for lively debate.

The hands-on activities continued in the afternoon when “Professor” Marc introduced his Do-it yourself UVC water treatment unit. Under his careful instruction we built our own units made from lunch boxes and LED lights. We are curiously waiting for results tomorrow on how successful the water treatment was.

The innovation from Marc was so promising that a group promptly decided to create a business plan for that product. The knowledge how to create such a business plan was based on the inputs on digitization, entrepreneurship and an introduction into the Sustainable Business Model Canvas. We learned that such knowledge is needed for our ideas to become realistic projects and viable businesses. In fact, today’s topics will help all the students in their careers. Besides teaching us about opportunities towards creating start-ups (a great example was introduced yesterday with KOA), Isabelle gave valuable advice on how to find work in NGOs and international organizations. The prerequisite: be passionate about the work, get some practical experience and try, try, try again.

This evening ended with a lot of Ghanaian specialties including food, music, and modern and traditional dance! The Liberians and Swiss added some of their dancing culture and songs. The Swiss delegation gave their best with their dance moves. 🙂

It’s amazing that we’re already celebrating our goodbye dinner and how fast the time together passed. Thankfully, we still have tomorrow!

Written by Ange, Flavia, Kukka, Sidi

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