06.02.2022 – Social & Cultural Encounters KUMASI

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Today the students from Ghana showed all the international students their gorgeous (and giant!) KNUST campus. Next, we all took minibuses to get into the centre of Kumasi. In the hot Ghanaian sun, we explored the refreshing taste of coconuts. Later we also had a sip of palm wine, which was very sweet tasting.

In the followed shopping tour through some street-shops, a spontaneous Jam-Session arises together with the shopkeepers. Drums, maracas, clapping, dancing and singing fuse this assembly of international students into a tight group.

The local tuck-tuck-drivers bring us to the manhyia palace. There, some of us were lucky enough to enter the palace and get a closer look at the queen and the other activities within. The others decided to take a stroll through the suburbs of Kumasi to find a nice place for a late lunch.

The staff was not able to handle such a large group, but our local hosts were able to jump in and take over the show. With some guidance we were able to eat some of the local specialities on the menu.

Time runs fast when you have a good time. Dr. Evans and Dr. Darcy Molnar were already waiting to catch us by the entrance of the Engineering Guest House to get us to the kickoff-dinner with all students, staff and lecturers. After the pleasant meal some of us stayed behind to watch Senegal taking home the African Cup Trophy.

After a very successful and long day, with loads of walking and new impressions, we were all very ready to get to bed and excited for what awaits us the coming days.

Special thanks to our wonderful hosts today, who took such good care of us and made sure no one would be lost in the big city of Kumasi. 😊

Written by Andri, Christoph und Marc

#Exploring the Ashanti culture in Kumasi.

My tour of Kumasi, the second largest city in Ghana and the of the Ashanti Kingdom is a Lifetime memory.

The Ashanti culture is one of the most fascinating in all of Africa. Kumasi, the Ashanti capital, is a city steeped in history and tradition. Visitors can explore the culture and traditions of the Ashanti people by visiting the various museums and cultural centers in the city. There is also no shortage of shopping opportunities, with markets selling traditional Ashanti cloth, jewelry.

The journey  to Kumasi offers a unique insight into the Ashanti culture. The drive takes you through the lush, green countryside of Ghana, dotted with small villages, each with their own unique culture and traditions. As you approach Kumasi, the city takes on a more regal air, with its grand palaces and imposing fortresses. Kumasi is the spiritual and cultural heart of the Ashanti people and is home to some of the most ancient and revered religious shrines in Ghana. A visit to Kumasi is a must for anyone interested in Ghanaian culture.

My Trip was short but it was a good opportunity to learn more about the history and culture of Ghana, focused on the Ashanti Kingdom and Kumasi.

Hopefully, I will try to be able to speak with the locals in Twi(Ashanti dialect) on my next trip.

Written by David

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